Contact & Initial Meeting

Reach out to us via email or phone. We want to hear about your future project and vision. A quick conversation goes a long way and lets us know if we are a good fit for your project.
We love meeting in person at your home, building site, or business to discuss more details about your project and gain common ground. Our construction projects are successful for many reasons, but the main reason is that we consistently assemble a top notch team. You are a crucial (and active) member of the team, so we want you on board first.
During this meeting, we aim to understand your needs, wants, and wishes and incorporate them into your project file. Do you already have plans for a new home or office? Do you have plans for a remodel? Does your project require plans? We answer all these questions during the initial meeting.


Post site visit and building your project file, we look to bring in another crucial member of the team: The Architect/Designer. You might already have an architect or you may need assistance. We work with many top architects and designers in the region and can make the correct recommendations based on our project knowledge. To continue building the team, we prefer to be involved in the design process from the start. We don’t like to get in the way, but we do like to be available to both owner and architect should any issues or construction questions arise. Our early involvement also allows gives us a start on your budget and schedule. That means you move into your new home or business faster than you planned.


Budget & Schedule

During and after the design process, we are working detailed budgets so you are aware of all costs. We are able to provide accurate preliminary estimates, but we like to take it a step further. Upon acceptance of final plans, we work with all of our long time subcontractors and crews to build your final construction estimate. This allows us to verify our prelim estimate with our professionals in each trade and phase of construction. How long will the project take? Project schedules are often overlooked and lead to projects extremely behind schedule. Your project schedule is built using software that not only gives a good visual of the project flow, it also allows all team members to see important dates, plan ahead, and use the schedule as a tool for success. This is our favorite meeting where we roll out the plans, roll our sleeves up, and discuss all aspects of the project. Many times we have so much fun, we end up talking about finishes and interior design before the meeting ends.

Interior Design

We have the full budget and scope of work, but wait, what about all our finishes, fixtures, and appliances? We already have these items included in the budget as an allowance, but we would like to verify all allowances and you most likely can’t wait to see your color and finish pallete. This where you have the option to add another great team member: the interior designer. We work with as many great designers as we do architects and can certainly make great suggestions.


Final Documents & Pre-Construction

What most likely started as an overwhelming and confusing idea is now an extremely well-organized team with vision, clarity and as much excitement as you have to start your project. Our last pre-construction meeting is set to discuss all final details, any updates, and walk you through our online project management software. Organization is crucial to a successful project, and when you see our management software, you can sleep at night knowing all project info is at your fingertips. You are able to login to your project site at any time and review daily logs, progress pictures, schedule, and budget. Construction is serious, but it can also be fun. By this point, you’ve realized the fun is just around the corner.

Fun is just around the corner! Get in touch to start your project today.